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Dear Voters,

                      A one of many voices in the Disabled Community, I ask you to take in mind, of where the Govt Authorities of all Branches has Betrayed Our Community, only to treat us as tools only to Profit off by Destroying Our Lives from Behind the Shield Of Law.

I have no faith in this System anymore, an see no group that will be loyal to our cries, of the things we need.

My Stance remains the same, as it has been from the Beginning, that we the Disabled Community, Need Full Immunity & Protection From The Law, in order to succeed in these dark days.

We would have morons like Hinch, who would have no problem preying upon us, to other groups who won’t give us the full chance to sign, an make the Changes we need to survive.

Do remember us, when you do go out & vote this election, whether, it be state or federal, or even local council.

We are often pushed aside even in regards to Racist Debates or LGBTI Debates, an our Voice remains Unheard, because the other 2 become more Prominent & Dominant , leaving us with no voice at all.

We are counting on you, to help be our voice for us, Let our Never Again, Be Never Again to happen for us anymore.

Question Authority at every turn, hold them accountable for every action & inaction that they aren’t there for us.


Never Again:Protect Us Now. The Voice Of The Disabled.