The Dept Of Justice: Their is No Justice in this Corrupt Mob, as we the Disabled are Raped Of Everything through them.

They Dont Care about Us, they use us as Easy Prey For Easy Pay, an Scapegoat Us at every Opportunity they Get.

Then they Corner Us, in a way, where we are forced to take a Guilty Plea, for something, that even Hackers could do to anyones computer, including Govt Authority Hackers, that then Destroy everything you own, including all Dignity.

They Still see us, as the Inferior Species Of Mankind, an would rather Throw Us into the Gas Chambers, an see us Dead, as this is the True Face Of the Dept Of Justice in Australa.

Corporately Owned Thugs, Who Protect their Own Paedophiles, which they use to Prey Upon You, to Make You A Paedophile like them.

These Same Corporate Paedophiles working for every Police Dept, Courts & Politicians that Run our Authorities, then they work with their own So Called Illegal Sex Rings in Australia, so their own Brotherhood can rape the Children in their Too.

They Make themselves appear as Angels On the Outside, but they are Full Of Lies & Dead Mens Bones on the Inside.