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Today Our Nazi Govt Authorities are very Bias towards people with Disabilities, as they are Cold Hearted an know that we The Disabled are Easy Prey to throw into their Prison Systems.

An in this system The court system shows a Pure Cold Hatred to People with Disabilities, wanting to make us out to be the Monsters, when the real monsters are those who kept not their Word to Protect Us under Treaty Protection Laws, as they failed to take Responsibility for their Part in the Destruction of our Lives.

Its easy to see how the Court Systems are being used to further Hitlers Nazi Eugenics, to say who is Fit & Unfit to be on the streets, yet we hear reports of Sex Predators working in those very Trusted Positions.

There Actions show they don’t really want to help the Disabled Intergrate into Society an take our Strengths, but rather attack us because of our weaknesses, as suck actions are as Vile as Judges Molesting Children, then Destroying the Life of the Child in the very same court He rules.