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In this I plan to cover the Areas that make themselves out to be the Friends of the Community, when they work, but also how they become the Foes of the Disabled Community.

You may find my Words Harsh, as I intend them to be, of how the Violation of Our Lives has happened by the Foes.

If your Group gets mentioned, let it become a Wake Up Call to take Action against Prejudice, Discrimination, Degrading & Disintergration of the Disabled Community.

For the First Group I’d like to cover Politicians:

Friend Or Foe?????

As Friends, they began to fight for our Rights, for many things we needed to succeed, bringing in Legislation that Helped Society Push forward, an showing that the Disabled Community can be accepted into the Ranks Of Office.

As Foes, they have turned away from the things we need to become fulfilled in our lives, therefore harbouring Hatred towards our Community, treating us as the Omens of the Land, that we are a curse, that needs to be Genocided Out, this also encouraged Groups like Medical System inc. the system linked to the Courts Of Justice, which in turn the Media outlets have become compulsive liars about people with Disabilities.

The next Group to fall in suit with the Politicians is Dept Of Justice as a Whole:

Friend Or Foe?????

As a Friend, if they saw the Potentional of People with Disabilities that they took in, instead of being a System that Beats Down & Degrades Disabled People via the Court System, it could take an Opportunistic look of how to help intergrate people with Disabilities to work in the area of Law, instead of being that Baton of Destruction that Sheds our Blood on the streets.

As a Foe, The Dept Of Justice has taken upon itself to consider itself Superior to the Disabled Community, which turns of many with Disabilities to just acknowledge that your no Different than the bullies we had in School who Mistreated us because of what makes us Different,  by making us out to be the Worst of the Worst Offenders only shows us that Dept Of Justice is only in it for Blood Money, by Shedding Our Blood, even via the Court System, which makes the System no Different than a Glorified Murderer.

Continuing into the next group which is the Dept Of Defense:

Friend Or Foe??????

As a Friend, If the Dept Of Defense was able to take the Disabled from the Community, they could help develop ideas which could help serve & protect this country, even though very few may be able to serve out in the field of work, say for example in combat, they may serve better potential in other areas, with Present Laws in Power, they are Discrimitory against the Disabled showing them as they are unable to become persons to serve in the Dept Of Defense, as I too know, that at one time, I wanted to Serve the ADF, until I found out of the Discriminating Laws against the Disabled which Prevent us from serving, such Prejudice is unwarranted, an doesnt show Equality.

As a Foe, The Dept Of Defense along with the others working alongside them, has become the Disabled Communities Worst Enemy, as one only needs to remember the NAZI SS which were used to Murder the Disabled in their camps.

The Next Group I’ll be covering is the Medical System, built up on Doctors, Nurses, Psychologists, Psychiatrists including Forensic Branch.

Friend Or Foe????

As a Friend, its never been much of a friend to us, but more of a foe in all our years, as it has played a huge part, even via Nazi Eugenics to play the role of God, as have the Previous Groups mentioned above, In Nazi Germany, all the Above were used for the Torture, Rape, an Destruction of our Dignity & Humanity, they have not only Raped Us on the Medical Level, but also interconnected an Raped Our Lives Via the Shield Of Law, it is why many of us, who have Disabilities, will ever find it hard to trust anyone in the Groups mentioned Above, as it still rapes us, an treats us as Your Inferiors.

As a Foe, They still seek to throw us in the Gas Chambers, Burn us in their Ovens, use us as there Scapegoat for the Slaughter, yet there are still cases around the world where the Medical System Treats us worse than crap. All Hope is Destroyed, in a Land where its Foundations leave us Helpless .

Take in Mind, What You Sow in Destruction in Peoples Lives, to the Groups Mentioned Above, You will reap it back, as Destruction of Our Lives has been your Goal All Along.

That also includes the Online Spies working for the Corrupt System that also intentionally Destroy the Lives of Us who are Disabled.

Heres a Hint, Watch Your Back, Your Front, an Your Sides, but you cannot protect your Soul for what is coming after you, as you have Destroy so many Souls of people with Disabilities, that is one thing you will never be able to protect.