One might think I am crazy, but one only needs to look how Hitlers Nazi Eugenics is still being used today in Todays Govt Authorities.

One only needs to look at the Treatment of the Disabled in our Societies today.

Nazis, Eugenics, and the T-4 Program (1920-1950)

Our History today is still completely Ignored, as is our Place in wanting to Succeed in it.

Even as we seek to explore our Sex Lives, even if we havent had Sex, or want to have Sex, we have this Wicked thing called Govt Authorities, come in an Interfere with our Lives, an make us out to be Paedophiles to the World, though we aren’t.

We have no Desire to harm any Child, but the Wicked in Power, still live in their Clouded World, to which they still continue to use to Manipulate Society, the Media included, like the Sick Benson in Law & Order:SVU who is quick to make out any Disabled Person to be a Paedophile, therefore Demonising Us as a Group, saying we should be these things.

The World has forgotten how much Influence sectors of Govt Authorities & Media have, then they use it to mold those in Powerful Positions to be the Most Perverted Generation on the Planet, with Views so Misconstruded, its so far from the Truth.

Depending on what our Disability is, there are many of us that enjoy researching many topics, whether it be History, Sex, Science, the list goes on.

Depending on our Mates too, they can influence our Decisions, sometimes against our Will, but that is totally ignored too.

Yet we still get considered as the Useless Eaters of Society, Made into Prison or Institution Fodder once again, Just like Nazi Germany, Our Lives to be Raped By Politicians, Police, Magistrates & Judges, who all seek to do more Harm than us than Good.

If you want us to succeed in something, find out what things we need, do we need a better support network, do we need more time with people like ourselves, or both, maybe find out our Strengths & Weaknesses, an where we are weak, help us become strong, an where we are Strong, take that an use that so we can succeed in the Area we Desire.