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Disabled Jews with a black triangle on a yello... Disabled Jews with a black triangle on a yellow – “asocial Jews”. Buchenwald, 1938. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Grown-up Times | Police Confiscate Disabled People’s Crutches

Taylor & Francis Online :: Eugenics and Disability Discrimination – Disability & Society – Volume 9, Issue 4

Police confiscate wheelchair from disabled vet!

CT police confiscated firearms from disabled Navy veteran | Fellowship of the Minds

A Real Horror Story: the abuse of disabled people’s human rights

That’s right The Dept Of Justice Stealing from the Disabled.

How are they doing it, by Laws which they can legally get away with themselves, an setting up the Disabled to be their targets of Hate, bringing in the Nazi System once again.

Things they will Steal from You & Laws they will use to steal Items of the Disabled:

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