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This article is slightly different than my Previous ones.

I chose this article because of Societies continuous mistreatment of The Disabled, an mistreatment of Christians to even Disabled Christians.

I look at the world around me, an both Christians & the Disabled are treated like Scum of The Earth as Society Reflects Nazi Germany.

Treated like inferior beings, I see this even moreso in the treatment of the Disabled to even Pensioners.

With Hollywoods portrayal from Religious to even Disabled, it only shows a half truth, but not the full truth.

As I look at my own Nation, yes we have things for the Disabled from all types of disablities.

For some reason we see No One Disabled in Politics, whether they be Politician to even M.P to even Gov General, It is Discrimination against the Disabled, Not only Directly but also Indirectly.

The Same is also seen…

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