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When Growing Up, even with my Disability, I have never really Liked or Trust Doctors.

To Me, they are Dr. Death, especially when looking back in History, to even When Hitler used His Doctors, to Murder The Innocent people, like the Jews & Disabled in Shoah.

Even now I still don’t trust them of the things they can even get away with these days, as they work alongside with the Govt & Dept Of Justice.

It is an Oligarchy of Evil all together, as all 3 areas have lost my Trust.

I would happily choose more natural methods, of the things that God have given to Mankind, instead of Drugs, even prescribed from your Hannibal The Cannibal Psychiatrists.

Scientists are Practically Doctors as well, an they too lose my Trust, especially in the area of Medications.

We have too many Dr Deaths, Playing God, but Wont…

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