Disabled Community Targeted by Criminals in uniform for our DNA

It has come to my attention that through some recent legislation, that Police have powers to steal our DNA whether it be by fingerprint or otherwise, will keep our DNA on record to make us out to be Unfit in our communities cause of the criminals in power over us.

This fully revives Nazi Eugenics at its highest degree in this modern day & age.

Their plan is to keep our DNA forever on their books, to which they have powers to replicate & plant our DNA on scenes to which we are innocent of, to which they will lie to the public & say they won’t do it.

Thing is, if they are able to do this to one group of people, they can do it to all groups of people.

A number of people in the Disabled Community, either live with family & in some cases end up homeless.

Yet where is the outcry against this Tyranny against us in the Disabled community.

None, Zip, Zero.

We are totally ignored whilst Criminals in Ties in Politics & their Nazi uniforms in the streets to the courthouses still continue to prey upon us & use us as their scapegoat.

Things are getting worse here in Australia, Whilst our Murderers behind the Shield of Law get away with destroying our lives & families

Fear Porn & The Disabled Community

Fear Porn definition: Fear porn can be defined as that which is used to instill fear in another in order to exact a particular response.

For example, the Ebola issue is being used to instill fear in the populace in order to push a vaccine agenda as well as to keep people in a constant state of fear in order to weaken their immune systems so that the medical establishment can make money off of their illnesses.

But this is not only a mainstream issue. The alternative media also uses fear porn to sell products and boost ratings.

Example: The Swine Flu issue was blasted across alternative media invoking mass coffins, marshal law, and threats of incarceration. When it was proven that was a hoax, the Ebola issue came to the forefront. The same alternative media is now invoking mass coffins, marshal law, and threats of incarceration. Same playbook, same fear mongering.

And the solution? Well, it doesn’t pay to say – Hey! Take some colloidal silver, dude!

And the beat goes on. The fear pornographers keep pounding the beat of the next crisis and we keep buying their bull.

Enough already! Real threats don’t need to be exaggerated in order to cause hysteria. If an organization is found promoting the lie for profit, that organization my friends, is promoting Fear Porn. definition taken from this source
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Denied of Justice and Denied Of Life:Disability Justice, the Laws at Disrepute.

Denied Of Justice

Living in a country, which preys upon the Disabled Community, making us an easy excuse for a promotion, there is no Justice for us.

With the Corruption in Australian Politics, to Corruption in the Government Authorities, leaving our community once again with No Voice.

When Abuse happens to us, our whistle-blowers are condemned, even if we ourselves are the whistle-blowers, the politics of society, plays its own bullshit games, putting it straight, holding nothing back, an goes back into it Eugenics Fiasco, where we the weak, the Disabled Community, are literally made Equal unto Criminals.
We have needs, including needing support groups to help us, learn to become more & more Independent, as for others of us, we do require carers, depending on our Disability or Disabilities.

So why are the Laws in Disrepute?

Escapee returns to Bennett Brook Disability Justice Centre in Perth

Disability minister Helen Morton fails residents over justice centre

A war zone’: Former disability workers take legal action after suffering abuse from clients

Wheelchair-bound Rhodes scholar wants disability seen as diversity

How the justice system is letting down disabled offenders

Beaten, abused, humiliated and filmed by Victoria Police

Melbourne police captured on video taking down disability pensioner

As you see with the above links we see how The Whole System of Justice has become nothing more than a way to Murder us in the Disabled Community, indirectly by using The Law & Directly by using the Law, like a Planned Genocide against our community.
Any reform laws that ever come into play, don’t serve to protect us, but to protect those who intentionally Oppress Us.

With this Justice system, whether it throws us into prison, murders us with a gun shot, it seeks to even violate our Human Rights, to stopping us from Reproducing & having a family of our own.

In Australia, the Eugenics Laws are in place & yes, we are still in target, because the Justice System, still deems us, unfit to live, breathe, an even have families.

With only very rare cases of success, whilst the unseen cases, are those this Murderers Hall Of Fame Justice System that is running in Australia, will still continue to throw us in Prisons, and make us criminals on their oppressive system.

To destroy our lives Sexually, to even reproducing, they will use Laws in relation to Sexual Assault to Porn related crimes, because it’s easier to target ones reproductive system by using these Laws.

By Denying the Disabled Community the right to reproduce here in Australia, they are basically trying to make Hitler look like an Angel compared to them.

Every Law used against us in the Disabled Community, is a Terrorist Act & a War Crime, to justify the Murder of us in the Disabled Community here in Australia.

Disabling rorters? More like punishing scapegoats

It is very clear that today, we still remain a scapegoat in the eyes of this false justice system that rules over us, it is also very clear, that every sector of the Justice system is run by Murderers, whether they be Judges, Magistrates, Prosecutors, Police(every section of the police force included), to even Politicians & Legislators, who seek at every turn to exploit our vulnerabilities to rape our lives on a 24/7 basis, to sow torment into our lives, whether, Mentally, Physically & even Spiritually as they desire to be worshipped as gods.

I have a Disability too, I never asked to be born with it, it came with the package, but If I don’t suit up to your Delusional Purity Laws Test, perhaps you are more unclean than me, keep your hands off property that doesn’t belong to you, I’m not interested in joining your Cult called Govt Authorities & all of its Immoral Laws from the 1st to the very last law that get’s created, will always be unclean, as your hearts, mind, bodies & spirits.

Pierced By The Sword Of Darkness:Lawlessness Grip Of Death against The Disabled Community.

The Morning Sun Rises, like the Lamp Of Life Across The Sea, to the Highlands Of the Mountains, Looking Unto Me.

With the Warmth of the Sun, Pelting down on me, I am Pierced By The Sword Of Darkness, which in it’s Haste Seeks to Kill Me.

Hiding Behind Its Title the Shield Of Law, All it is the True Face of Lawlessness, with its tight Grip Of Death, against Us, in The Disabled Community.

It Steals Our Souls, like a Death Reaper, to everyone it takes, it considers to be the Keeper.

In all my Pain, this one stings the worst, as it rips you from the Holy, to the world, makes you appear to be a Curse.

It Brands you, Tortures you, Rapes you of any Dignity & Pride, giving you nowhere to Hide, as it resembles Big Brother, of Orwell’s 1984, in it’s system built upon a Foundation Of Lies.

Hiding Behind Its Title the Shield Of Law, All it will ever be is the True Face Of Lawlessness, with its tight Grip Of Death, Against Us, in The Disabled Community.

It’s Blade Sharpened only To Annihilate, without a care, it doesn’t hesitate, whatever creed, colour, Blind or Deaf, we are the Scapegoats & Targets in it’s Midst.

Dividing Our Lives Asunder, placing our families into a mess, Left in Loneliness, an no way to how to address.

Hiding Behind Its Title the Shield Of Law, The True Face Of Lawlessness, The Heavens will Record, with its Tight Grip Of Death, that the Heavens will see, that is Against Us, The Disabled Community.

I Look unto The Light Of Life, The One that Sparked Me into this World, His Nature Pure, an Wields The Sword Of Life, His Words Of Righteousness, that Bring Life to Me, like the Many Roars Of the Sea, the Clashing Of the Waves, the Rustle of the Leaves in the Tree,

He Sends Forth His Word, an Justice is His Key, even by His Eyes, that see right through me, the scars received of this Battle Born, to the Loud Sounding of a Rams Horn this is what he does for me, behind the scenes, that which I cannot see.

Revealing The Darkness of this Title the Shield Of Law, All its Blood & Wickedness, Exposing The True Face Of All this Lawlessness, its more than what the Heavens Record, Seeing the Blood It has Shed, of its Tight Grip Of Death, Against Us, in the Disabled Community, It will cast what it has done, into the Deep Abyss, with those who worked with its evil schemes Raped Of Justice, that they never thought they would see.

Japan Care Home Stabbing: Knifeman Wanted Disabled To ‘Disappear’ — Same Difference

At first glance, the stabbing incident in the Japanese care home looks like simply a sacked employee seeking revenge. However, when you look closely at the knifeman’s recent words and actions, it becomes clear that this was actually a disability hate crime. The BBC deserve our thanks for covering this aspect of the incident, which […]

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