Pierced By The Sword Of Darkness:Lawlessness Grip Of Death against The Disabled Community.


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The Morning Sun Rises, like the Lamp Of Life Across The Sea, to the Highlands Of the Mountains, Looking Unto Me.

With the Warmth of the Sun, Pelting down on me, I am Pierced By The Sword Of Darkness, which in it’s Haste Seeks to Kill Me.

Hiding Behind Its Title the Shield Of Law, All it is the True Face of Lawlessness, with its tight Grip Of Death, against Us, in The Disabled Community.

It Steals Our Souls, like a Death Reaper, to everyone it takes, it considers to be the Keeper.

In all my Pain, this one stings the worst, as it rips you from the Holy, to the world, makes you appear to be a Curse.

It Brands you, Tortures you, Rapes you of any Dignity & Pride, giving you nowhere to Hide, as it resembles Big Brother, of Orwell’s 1984, in it’s system built upon a Foundation Of Lies.

Hiding Behind Its Title the Shield Of Law, All it will ever be is the True Face Of Lawlessness, with its tight Grip Of Death, Against Us, in The Disabled Community.

It’s Blade Sharpened only To Annihilate, without a care, it doesn’t hesitate, whatever creed, colour, Blind or Deaf, we are the Scapegoats & Targets in it’s Midst.

Dividing Our Lives Asunder, placing our families into a mess, Left in Loneliness, an no way to how to address.

Hiding Behind Its Title the Shield Of Law, The True Face Of Lawlessness, The Heavens will Record, with its Tight Grip Of Death, that the Heavens will see, that is Against Us, The Disabled Community.

I Look unto The Light Of Life, The One that Sparked Me into this World, His Nature Pure, an Wields The Sword Of Life, His Words Of Righteousness, that Bring Life to Me, like the Many Roars Of the Sea, the Clashing Of the Waves, the Rustle of the Leaves in the Tree,

He Sends Forth His Word, an Justice is His Key, even by His Eyes, that see right through me, the scars received of this Battle Born, to the Loud Sounding of a Rams Horn this is what he does for me, behind the scenes, that which I cannot see.

Revealing The Darkness of this Title the Shield Of Law, All its Blood & Wickedness, Exposing The True Face Of All this Lawlessness, its more than what the Heavens Record, Seeing the Blood It has Shed, of its Tight Grip Of Death, Against Us, in the Disabled Community, It will cast what it has done, into the Deep Abyss, with those who worked with its evil schemes Raped Of Justice, that they never thought they would see.


Japan Care Home Stabbing: Knifeman Wanted Disabled To ‘Disappear’ — Same Difference

At first glance, the stabbing incident in the Japanese care home looks like simply a sacked employee seeking revenge. However, when you look closely at the knifeman’s recent words and actions, it becomes clear that this was actually a disability hate crime. The BBC deserve our thanks for covering this aspect of the incident, which […]

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Dear Voters: A voice from the Disabled Community


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Dear Voters,

                      A one of many voices in the Disabled Community, I ask you to take in mind, of where the Govt Authorities of all Branches has Betrayed Our Community, only to treat us as tools only to Profit off by Destroying Our Lives from Behind the Shield Of Law.

I have no faith in this System anymore, an see no group that will be loyal to our cries, of the things we need.

My Stance remains the same, as it has been from the Beginning, that we the Disabled Community, Need Full Immunity & Protection From The Law, in order to succeed in these dark days.

We would have morons like Hinch, who would have no problem preying upon us, to other groups who won’t give us the full chance to sign, an make the Changes we need to survive.

Do remember us, when you do go out & vote this election, whether, it be state or federal, or even local council.

We are often pushed aside even in regards to Racist Debates or LGBTI Debates, an our Voice remains Unheard, because the other 2 become more Prominent & Dominant , leaving us with no voice at all.

We are counting on you, to help be our voice for us, Let our Never Again, Be Never Again to happen for us anymore.

Question Authority at every turn, hold them accountable for every action & inaction that they aren’t there for us.


Never Again:Protect Us Now. The Voice Of The Disabled.

‘Serious failings’ in disability benefits assessment system — Benefit tales

A committee of MPs has found evidence of serious failings in the disability benefits assessment system Credit: PA The system for assessing disability benefits has “serious failings”, according to a committee of MPs. Claimants were not receiving an “acceptable level of service” and the cost to the taxpayer of paying private firms to carry out […]

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Nazi Eugenics Alive & Well in Australia:The Disabled Intentionally Targeted By a Corrupt System.


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Sure go ahead call me a crackpot, call me crazy,
in the end, you don’t see what I see, at the beginning of the day or at the end of the day.

Hitlers Nazi Eugenics is still Alive & Well today, and the way its being used is exactly the same way Hitler did it in World War 2.

Another new note to this, is that even Karl Marx, bought forth the use of Eugenics into his doctrine called the Communist Manifesto, which in turn, Inspired Hitler, The Idea of the Eugenics System started up in Britain, an confirmed by an Author speaking out how the Disabled Community are Intentionally being scapegoated, not only by Fake Mates, who make out to be our friends, but also those just like Hitler, used the Shield Of Law, along with the Dept Of Human Services of his day, which would consist of Phychiatrists,which also Communism used, to help degrade us, the Law, to Destroy Us completely to appear to the public as something we aren’t.
According to Eugenics, just like today in Our Times, they make us still equal unto Criminals.

Eugenics in Australia: The secret of Melbourne’s elite

Australian children to be sterilized without parental consent under new eugenics law

Eugenics in Australia: Melbourne’s Hidden History

Sterilising people with disabilities: eugenics or common sense?

Australian Eugenics Program

Even today, in the corrupt Police Stations of Australia, the Police will have Quotas of People with Disabilities, Whose Lives they will intentionally Destroy Behind the Shield Of Law, via help of the corrupt Magistrate Courts, an this Process will be to make the Disabled Person/s to appear to be even the Worst Type of Criminals in the community, Whilst this violates Human Rights Protections for the Disabled Community, to even intentionally Destroying Our Sex Lives behind the Shield Of Law.

Ensuring rights: LHC seeks reports on quota for disabled

The Problem

“Stop and frisk” and other discriminatory policing practices have spiraled out of control. In 1994, Mayor Giuliani and the NYPD adopted controversial “broken windows” policing strategies, which promote aggressive enforcement of minor offenses on the theory that this will prevent serious crime. Under Mayor Bloomberg, the NYPD has dramatically expanded this flawed strategy. Each year, hundreds of thousands of New Yorkers are wrongfully stopped, frisked, or searched. Many wrongfully receive a summons, or are even arrested. Some are even sexually or physically assaulted by NYPD officers. They are being targeted by an increasingly confrontational and arrogant police force, often humiliated in their own homes, schools and neighborhoods.

These policies are an outrage, violating our fundamental rights and even the most basic fairness in our city. This is not an acceptable approach to public safety in New York.

It is no accident, that we the Disabled Community are being targeted whether we be in Australia, or Overseas, this is Nazi Eugenics directed towards us, intentionally, as well as others.
The worst group behind this is the Govt Authorities as a whole, as they still use an require the use of Politics within the Health Departments in our Day, the Media is still doing it today, an wont let down on the attack of us, even via tv shows with that wretched whore benson on SVU, who has also been use to intentionally target people with Disabilities to show the World, Its ok to hide behind the shield of Law, an destroy the life of someone with a disability.